People's Pharmacy: Not all medications are created equal

Below is something I’ve located that may be of interest. There’s a whole lot stated on this subject, nonetheless trying to obtain to the bottom of things has actually taken me a while. This is among the posts I discovered. If it’s not to your taste I have actually placed some links at the bottom to yet a lot more resources.

Generics are required by law to contain the exact same active ingredients in the same quantities. For 25 years, we agreed with your position that generic drugs were identical to brand names and a great way to save money. Hundreds of visitors to our website ( have reported similar failures with certain generic antidepressants, blood pressure drugs and sleeping pills …..People's Pharmacy: Not all medications are created equal

I will try and gather more articles like this let you know about them. I’m sure there’s more stuff out there, leave a comment if you know where else I could look.

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