People's Pharmacy: Nightcap may not be cause of sleep disruption

When we experience misery we have a standard choice. Do we organize our life or otherwise? Will certainly this is one more thing I have actually discovered that may assist you decide which means to go. Actually having choices appears to assist. Certainly for me the much more choices I had the much better I began to feel, they did not have to be the best choices for me I simply had to know there where options available.

Conventional wisdom is that alcohol before bed helps people fall asleep but disrupts sleep in the second half of the night. The best study we could find examined sleep in 20 healthy people, half of whom were insomniacs. A modest dose of alcohol before bed did not seem to have a negative impact on sleep later in the night (Neuropsychopharmacology, March 1999). Beta blockers can m…People's Pharmacy: Nightcap may not be cause of sleep disruption

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