UT Dallas study: Initial success for new tinnitus treatment

Even though the subject in the following paragraphs continues to be covered many occasions, the significance of this means that it’s a wise decision to examine it regularly like a subject. In the quest for a brand new depression treatment frequently we are able to lose track of what can function. Or even more particularly can be employed in certain conditions. We very often neglect to review what we should know when conditions change.

( University of Texas at Dallas ) In a study published online Nov. 20th in Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface, UT Dallas researchers Drs. Sven Vanneste and Michael Kilgard and colleagues examined how vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), an FDA-approved treatment for epilepsy and depression, could be paired with playing tones to decrease the symptoms of tinnitus. VNS-tone therapy ……UT Dallas study: Initial success for new tinnitus treatment

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