A new school of thoughtfulness – National Post

Are you looking for an effective technique to help you relax and boost your concentration skills? Meditation can be a great way to help enhance your memory, focus and your ability to relax. There are a lot of simple meditation techniques that are proven effective in eliminating stress and anxiety.

National PostA new school of thoughtfulnessNational PostRyden is Lafayette’s peace teacher (yes, that’s her title), who leads about 500 of the school’s students in weekly courses on mindfulness – a practice aimed at enhancing self-awareness and reducing stress by focusing, without judgment, on the present ……A new school of thoughtfulness – National Post

One way of getting motivated to practice meditation on a regular basis is to discover ways of making each of your meditation sessions enjoyable. We help create happy and confident meditators by taking the struggle away from your practice. Learn the best ways to start enjoying your everyday practice by checking our meditation courses right here.

Taking deep breaths helps in reducing your stress and calming your emotions. I have found some useful information about meditation techniques. Have a look at the links below!


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