Meditation, cognitive therapy help back pain — study – Jamaica Observer

The deep breathing meditation technique is one the easiest ways to help you rest your body and mind. Taking deep breaths helps you feel relaxed, and prepares you for meditation. As you focus on your breath, you’ll learn to control your breathing and your heart rate as well.

Jamaica ObserverMeditation, cognitive therapy help back pain — studyJamaica ObserverWASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — Meditation and cognitive behavioural therapy — not conventional treatments for back pain — seem to be effective in alleviating the common condition, researche…Meditation, cognitive therapy help back pain — study – Jamaica Observer

The advantages of practicing mindfulness meditation go beyond just improving your personal life. It has been found to have a positive effect on the society too. In the last few years, mindfulness meditation has become significantly more well known. It is practiced in lots of different ways and has been accepted in the medical practice as a complementary form of treatment for a range of illnesses.

Taking deep breaths helps in reducing your stress and calming your emotions. I have found some useful information about meditation techniques. Have a look at the links below!


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